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Career Transitions-: Alternatives to Leaving Your Organization

Kylie Slavek, LPC

Recognizing you need to make a career change does not always mean quitting and finding a completely different job. In today’s world, careers are evolving and continuously adapting to meet the unique needs of organizations. Having conversations about your career aspirations with your supervisor could be the step you are forgetting to take when you decide it’s time for a change.   

Alternatives to Leaving Your Organization 

When people feel discontent in their role at work, often the first time their supervisor hears of it is as they’re being given a resignation. Rather than quitting, and missing out on a potential opportunity, sharing your thoughts and feelings with your supervisor could open the door to alternative solutions you didn’t know existed. For example, your boss may have ideas on how to better utilize your skill set or they might suggest a different position that plays to your strengths. Sharing your needs and aspirations could create opportunity for collaborative brainstorming or discussions around how to delegate job duties and tasks in a way that feels more meaningful to you. 

Having these types of conversations early and often can create opportunities for your supervisor to support your growth, connect you with resources, networking opportunities, or even let you in on internal job leads or new positions available. Being open with your boss about what is lacking in your work or what you want more of helps them to understand what you need and how they might be able to help. Making a mini career move, such as taking on a new project, working on a different team, or even in a different setting at the organization could be just the change you need to get the zest back in your work life. 

If your supervisor is supportive or wants to utilize your skills in the most optimal way to meet organizational needs, it is likely they would love to have this conversation with you. While it may be a reality that some of these options are not possible, your openness and willingness to have conversations about your career goals, wants, and needs with people in your professional network can go a long way in helping you find a new place for you to thrive. 

Preparing for the Discussion 

Having big conversations like this can sometimes feel intimidating. You may worry about how your supervisor will react or respond. Do not let worry or “what if’s” consume you. Avoid getting hung up on assumptions. View this conversation as an opportunity with hidden potential. Keep in mind you are doing what is best for your mental health by expressing your needs. Know that this conversation, regardless of the outcome, will get you one step closer to where you want to be.  

Make sure you come prepared. Sharing information with your supervisor about what you are looking for in a position requires thought and self-reflection. You will want to be clear on what exactly you are looking for, the tasks you do and do not enjoy doing, what your strengths are, what motivates you, and what really matters.

These are big questions. If you would like guidance or support in career exploration or help preparing yourself for conversations like this, you may find it helpful to meet with a therapist or career coach. At Centered, Kylie Slavek is a licensed professional counselor and career coach ready to help you navigate career transitions and discover your strengths. Schedule an appointment today though our Centered portal here (link).

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