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Career Transitions- Navigating Change and Finding the Right Fit

Kylie Slavek LPC

Career development is a process that evolves across a lifespan. People are always learning, growing, and changing, which is why it’s a natural phenomenon to suddenly find yourself feeling dissatisfied in a job you once loved or always thought you wanted. 

What Makes a Career a Good Match  

According to the National Career Development Association, “Work satisfaction and life satisfaction depend on the extent to which the individual finds adequate outlets for abilities, needs, values, interests, personalities, traits, and self-concepts. Satisfaction depends on establishing oneself in a type of work that provides growth and exploratory experiences”. Finding a good match requires knowing who you are and what is important to you. 

How to Recognize a Job is No Longer Serving You 

Signs that an occupation is no longer serving you can be obvious or subtle. Whether you dread returning to work every morning or numb out at the end of the day and begin to neglect your needs, changes in behavior and mood are a sign that something is not quite right. It’s very common for people to begin feeling burnout in jobs that no longer fit. When you’re burned out you feel like you have to drag yourself to work. It might be harder to concentrate on tasks or even be remotely productive. You might catch yourself feeling more irritable, cynical, or even sad. If you’re experiencing these emotions remember they won’t last forever and right now it is important to spend time understanding them. They are signals that you’re unhappy with some part of your life. 

Finding Peace in Change

So, what changed? Finding yourself in this transition phase can happen for a variety of reasons. Maybe your work environment changed, or you discovered a new passion. Perhaps you went through a life event, your values or priorities shifted, or you learned a lot from your last role about what you don’t want in your next one. These are all natural parts of life. It’s healthy to change your opinions and beliefs as you grow. People learn through experiences, which is why it is important to never look back on experiences as a failure or a waste of time. 

Get Help Finding the Right Fit

The first step in finding a new career that brings you fulfillment and happiness is realizing change is necessary. Change can be hard to navigate and feel overwhelming. Luckily, you’re not alone. There are career professionals available to help. 

If you are feeling stuck, confused, lost, or excited and would like support and encouragement through this phase of your life, contact Centered. Kylie Slavek, LPC is a passionate career coach and licensed therapist who loves helping individuals live their best, most authentic lives. She is skilled at helping people navigate career transitions using a strength-based approach. Kylie has completed training through the NCDA on Facilitating Career Development. 

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