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Why Would I Want to Work With a Therapist?

By  Kylie Slavek, LPC

Curious about therapy or confused about what it’s all about? Scroll down to learn more and find out how you can get connected to a licensed professional therapist today! 

Why talk to a therapist?

  • Therapists are mental health experts with master’s degrees in psychology which means they’re knowledgeable about the variety of complex dynamics and systems that influence a person’s thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. They learn theories that explain why people think and act the way they do, and many are highly empathetic, which means they get it. Therapists are trained listeners skilled in utilizing evidence-based strategies to help people overcome challenges and obstacles. They offer mental and emotional support that is different than the kind of support family members or friends can provide. Lastly, therapists are safe people who you can share your deepest thoughts and feelings with. While it will naturally take time to feel comfortable opening up and being vulnerable with someone new, the therapeutic relationship is always safe, supportive, and completely confidential.

What is therapy all about?

  • Teaming up with a therapist gives you the advantage of having an unbiased, educated perspective to bounce thoughts and ideas off of. As you journey together though stories, experiences, hardships, and challenges, therapists use their expertise to help you build insight and shift unhelpful thinking. They compassionately guide you in understanding yourself in new and profound ways while giving you strategies and wisdom to overcome obstacles. They help you to sort through the noise and clutter in your brain, to see things more clearly, make better choices, and find peace.

When is the right time to go to therapy?

  • You don’t need to be at your breaking point or lowest low to utilize therapy services. In fact, therapy can be used as preventative care to make sure you avoid getting there. For each person knowing when to go to therapy is different. Here are some common indicators of when therapy may be right for you.
    • Going through a life transition
    • Navigating relationship dynamics or relationship problems
    • Observed changes in mood
    • Observed changes in behavior
    • Experiencing excessive fear, worry, or panic
    • Increase in negative thinking or suicidal thoughts
    • Engaging in self-destructive behavior

How to get Involved

If your company is partnered with Centered they are making it easier than ever to get connected with the mental health support you need, here’s how. 

  • Simply create a personal account at
  • Log in and sign up for therapy today.  

Partner With Centered 

Partnering with Centered provides your employees with exceptional, comprehensive wellness and mental health services designed to keep your employees happy and healthy. Centered provides a comprehensive whole-person approach to mental health and wellbeing. Our solution combines expert-led wellness classes, health coaching, supervisory consultation, and personalized individual therapy to provide an unparalleled, custom, wellness experience for all of your employees.

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