A Healthy Employee

Is a Productive Employee
Exceptional comprehensive wellness and mental health services designed to keep your employees happy, healthy, and at work.

A Healthy Employee

Is a Productive Employee

Exceptional, comprehensive wellness and mental health services designed to keep your employees happy, healthy, and at work.

We’re Here for Your Team
Discover the benefits your company will enjoy by fostering an engaged, flourishing workforce, supported by customized services that meet your employee’s unique needs.
Boost Financial Stability With a Program That Works
Saving money by preventing absenteeism, high turnover rates, and underutilized EAP programs is easy when you choose Centered.
Give Your Employees What They’re Looking For

Show your employees that your company cares about their wellbeing. Provide classes on common behavioral health topics like anxiety, depression, and stress. Your employees will recognize that you are invested in their health and happiness. 

Give Your Employees What They’re Looking For
Your Employees Deserve the Best
Help them find the care that fits their needs.

Anxiety and depression are among the most common mental health issues facing your workforce, affecting over 18% of the population annually.  Unfortunately, only 36% of those individuals will seek treatment in a given year.  That equates to one in five employees struggling silently to maintain their work, life, and mental health balance.

Although anxiety and depression are common, addressing mental wellness is not a one-size-fits-all solution.  Centered will provide your employees with unique options to get connected and find support through our licensed, experienced clinicians, helping to meet their individual wellness needs.

  • Choose From a Tailored Menu of Wellness Classes

    Wellness is a total mind-body concept that involves both emotional and physical wellbeing, leading to happier, healthier employees. At Centered, we provide a wide variety of wellness classes that offer traditional and holistic alternatives to address anxiety and depression through movement, creativity, and community.
  • Get Access to Personalized One-on-One Health Coaching

    Designed to facilitate the establishment of goals and short-term objectives, health coaching helps employees improve their quality of life in the ways they identify as important. With this level of customization, employees can work with a seasoned clinician to accomplish a wide variety of intentions such as eating healthier, losing weight, managing blood pressure, lowering stress levels, and more.
  • Supervisory Consultation

    Support your Supervisors with Supervisory Consultation

    Centered clinicians pair supervisory and behavioral health expertise to help your company’s supervisors manage the workforce.
  • Connect with a Centered Therapist

    Connect with a Centered Therapist

    Our network of licensed clinicians provides you with a range of expertise to help your employees find stability through any of life’s challenges.
Check Out Some of Our Most Popular Wellness Classes
  • Taming The Anxious Mind
    Do you find yourself burdened by worry, anxiety or panic? Gain insight and learn skills to help you more effectively manage your anxiety and unlock the secrets to living a more meaningful life.
  • Creating Calm in The Chaos
    Creating Calm in The Chaos
    Even in the best of times, it can be difficult to find your balance. In this class, we will use mindfulness and ACT principles to help us recognize that even in the midst of chaos, we can still create moments of calm and foster resilience to cope with our challenges.
  • Building Better Boundaries
    Building Better Boundaries
    Healthy boundaries are essential for balanced relationships. This class offers a supportive environment to help you set limits with family, friends, and coworkers so you can effectively protect your time and energy.
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